Friday, March 15

How long does it take to fill a hole in California?

A guy in California ran a small campground on a river near the coast.  One day a storm blew a big tree into the river.  Guy wanted to remove the dead tree and fill the hole.

Guess what:  In Cali, you can't do that without a gazillion permits and environmental studies and impact evaluations.

Story is here, and well worth reading.  This is one of the reasons government is so out of control, and why the economy is doing relatively poorly. 

Of course you don't believe that.  Because MSNBC and the alphabet networks and Jon Stewart and their ilk keep telling you its all George Bush's fault, or the fault of the Republicans who control the House.

Or maybe because of the inherent eeebils of capitalism. [scary music riff here]

Gosh, why can't we just be more like, say, Europe?  Everything over there works so well, ya know?  What we need is more regulations, more bureaucrats.

Yeah, that'll work really well.


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