Friday, March 22

It's coming. Faster than you think.

How fast is the train closing on us?  Consider this:

Just nine days after New York's governor rammed through a new gun-control law-- in the dead of night, behind closed doors, before the statutory three day waiting period had run, and with no member of the public allowed to watch-- NY state cops ran a "sting" to see if some resident would sell 'em the newly-banned guns and mags.

Benjamin Wassell did, and was charged with three felonies that could jail him for up to seven years.  Wassell has no prior convictions.

New York's new anti-gun law was rammed through by Cuomo and the legislature under an emergency clause that suspended the statutory 3-day waiting period between a bill's introduction and passage.  The wait is designed to give citizens a chance to know what the hell the legislature and governor are about to do, and to have a chance to make their views on proposed laws known.

You'd think that in a functioning republic, it'd be good for citizens to know the details of bills being considered for passage into law.

Oh, and to add to the insult and irregularity: the vote on the bill was done behind closed doors, with the public excluded.   No chance to voice an opinion or watch how "your" representative debated for or against the bill.

But it's all quite, quite legal, see?  Cuz Cuomo and the legislature invoked an "emergency clause" that made it legal to do that.  And after all, America was at one time touted as "a nation of laws, not men."  Talk about radical ideas!

Oh, and no one outside of Cuomo and the Dems bothered to specify what the "emergency" was that made it necessary to abrogate the normal process.  But no matter.

Democrat-run gummint at its finest.

The brand-new secret law made it illegal to sell magazines holding more than seven rounds. Such mags don't exist (except for a couple of specific guns that just happen to have been designed to use 'em). Wassell sold the standard mag used by the long guns he sold.

They did the sting operation nine days after the secret, closed-door, no-public-comment passage of the new law.

If you don't think the goal of so-called "progressives" is to outlaw all gun possession, you're too naive to breathe.


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