Saturday, March 23

Government report says Mexican gunrunning was totally created by low-level people

Absolutely no one will be surprised by this:   A report by the inspector general of the Dept of Homeland Security concluded that although "many" in the agency's Arizona division knew "for a long time" that officials with DHS and the former BATF helped criminals smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartels, no one in D.C. knew anything about it.

Yep, the IG's report said word of the gun-running operation "never traveled beyond Arizona," and claimed Immigration and Customs Enforcement director John Morton and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano were never informed of the government's scheme to sell high-powered weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

The report said "on numerous occasions" ICE and Border Patrol agents stopped vehicles smuggling guns to Mexico but were ordered by the ATF and U.S. attorney's office to let the vehicles proceed. Even after "suspects admitted to having transported weapons across the border five or six times" they were still not arrested.

The report was especially critical of senior management in Arizona who oversaw the Fast and Furious case and assigned a full-time agent to the task force running the operation. That agent conducted surveillance, wrote and received reports, and was aware the government was allowing the guns to be smuggled into Mexico, but claimed "senior leaders did not read (his) reports."


In every gummint office, low-level munchkins routinely plot and carry out illegal, potentially embarrassing ops all by themselves, without telling their boss. That way if an op blows up, the low-level munchkin can take the rap all by himself, protecting the top dogs.


If you believe this report you are officially too stupid to breathe, let alone reproduce.

Oh, and the report repeatedly uses phrases like "agents in Arizona knew this was against policy"--thus exonerating everyone higher-up--but it's conspicuously silent on exactly how it came to the conclusion that no one outside Arizona knew, since no one testified under oath and subject to cross-examination.

Typical government bullshit whitewash. Does anyone really think a government report would ever accuse the political officials of anything illegal? It's CYA all the way.


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