Saturday, March 23

Democrat state senator: "Flip a coin to vote" on amendment

If you liked the way the Democrats in NY rammed their gun bill through in secret, suspending the legally-prescribed 3-day waiting period between a bill's introduction and passage, consider a Colorado Democrat state senator named Evie Hudak:

A state senate committee she was chairing was considering an amendment to an education bill that would have raised taxes on Colorado residents by a cool Billion dollars.  The amendment had just been introduced, and none of the Republican committee members had even had time to read it, let alone discuss its provisions or analyze the likely effects on Colorado residents.

Nevertheless, Hudak said she wanted to finish up "nice and quick" and instructed the staff to immediately call for a recorded vote on the amendment.  At that point senator Owen Hill demurred:  How, he asked Hudak, could any senator rationally cast a vote on an amendment they hadn't had time to read, let alone to analyze or discuss.

Hudak's reply is straight out of Saul Alinsky:  "Here's a coin you can flip," she sneered--and directed the staff to proceed to call the roll for the vote.

When Hill's name was called, he again declined to vote, saying "I didn't knock on 20,000 doors to flip a coin."  Hudak cut him off, saying "You'll pass for now," and again offering him a coin to flip.

Dunno about y'all but I find this both absolutely outrageous and utterly unsurprising.  Can you imagine the breathless lead stories in every paper and on every newscast if the committee chair demanding that a legislator flip a coin for a billion-dollar vote had been a Republican?  

But I'm pretty sure this story will get almost no coverage in thoroughly Democrat-run Colorado.

What utter contempt this creature Hudak apparently has for voters and citizens, to direct that a vote be taken before the minority members of the committee had had a chance to read and discuss the amendment!  Where in the world did she get the idea that this is how legislators were supposed to vote on legislation?

Oh, wait, that's right:  This is exactly how Obamacare was passed.  Even then-speaker of the House Pelosi was caught on video saying--literally--"We had to pass the bill to see what's in it."  If you're looking for proof of Democratic sickness, look no farther than that quote from Pelosi.  Which she never explained or disavowed.

Here's the audio clip of Hudak. Look at the face of Democratic party governing policy.


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