Monday, January 7

Social Security analysts smoking crack?

Hey, remember when da eeeebil Boosh told voters what conservatives with math skills had known for years:  that the Social Security "trust fund" was in terrible shape, and unless something was changed it would go broke around 2030 or thereabouts.

Democrats and liberals reacted to this with utter derision.  "Scare tactics!" they said.

"He's just trying to divert public money to his friends on Wall Street!" they said.

"He's a dumb Texan so he doesn't understand the complex calculations underlying the finances of the Social Security system!"  (Okay, that's not a quote but you know that's what they were thinking.)

Well, now it turns out the retirement system is in even worse shape than the experts thought--because it turns out the SS administration has been estimating likely future lifespans of beneficiaries by throwing darts at a dartboard.  Or something equally goofy.

Click here to see four examples of the flaws in the SS analysts' methods.  Hint:  They're glaring, ghastly errors.  Either none of the executives bothered to read what their analysts were cranking out, or else we're looking at a huge fraud.

But hey, don't worry--this is prolly all just tinfoil-hat conspiracy stuff that only dumb wingnuts believe.  Source is prolly Faux News or sumthin' equally wacko.

Wait...was this actually in a New York paper that actually calls itself "The paper of record"?

Why yes, yes it was.  Oh, and make sure you read #4.


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