Monday, November 26

Want to adopt? Gotta promise not to teach the kids dangerous ideas!

Many have noted that social problems in Britain are usually experienced here 20 years later.  Accordingly, consider the case of a town council in the U.K. that removed children from a foster-parenting couple on the grounds that the couple were racists.  The council was able to deduce this because the couple supported the "wrong" political party (UK Independence Party).

Or the case last year of a couple who were told they could not adopt because they refused to agree to instruct their children that a gay lifestyle was acceptable.  The couple took their case to the British High Court and lost. The British paper Guardian reports “the judges said they were not ruling against beliefs but against the discriminatory effects of those beliefs and that one set of beliefs could not take precedence in a pluralist society.

Not ruling against beliefs, see.  Just ruling that one set of beliefs can't be advanced as better than another!

Thus in the U.K. one will no longer be legally allowed to teach one's children that ownership of private property is better than communism; that religion can form a good basis for a moral code; that private-sector jobs are vital to a healthy economy. 

I'm still grappling with the court's implication that you could teach your kids about all manner of beliefs as long as you didn't mention that certain beliefs and ideas had better outcomes than others. Typical socialist bullshit.

A commenter noted that the use of family "services" to punish politically-incorrect thoughts is gaining momentum in the U.S. too:
Barry Cooper is a former DEA agent turned drug activist who frequently and publicly expresses a distrust of federal authority. One of his children was taken from him by child protective services because according to them he was teaching the child to “fear authority.”  (No doubt a bunch of armed men dragging the child away from his parents in the middle of the night went a long way towards correcting that belief.)  It took the family months in court to get the child back. 
But don't worry, citizen:  This vill not happen to you, ass long ass you support right political party, da?  For those who fully support Dear Leader, no problemss vaht-zo-effer.

How long before the courts or some government agency rules that owning a gun is prima facie evidence of unfitness to adopt?


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