Sunday, December 9

Egypt: Morsi thugs kill protesters

If you're like most Americans, events in Egypt don't strike you as particularly noteworthy.  Fair enough--the place is way around the other side of the globe, and isn't a military threat or an economic powerhouse, so...why should anything that happens there interest us?

But you should pay careful attention, because what's happening in Egypt is extremely significant to Americans for two reasons:  First, it shows whether Obama and his advisors are any good at analyzing and predicting trends in international events.

The event of interest is from last Wednesday, when thugs from the extreme Islamic Muslim Brotherhood beat protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

According to the Egyptian news source at the above link, the thugs beat two protesters to death. 

The Islamist thugs are upset because the protesters are protesting a decree by Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi, giving himself virtually dictatorial powers.

They're in murder mode (as they always are) because Morsi belongs to the Brotherhood, and has quietly assured supporters that he intends to have Egypt governed by Sharia law.  Islamic fanatics (Morsi supporters) believe anyone disagreeing with this outcome must be beaten and/or killed.

This, dear reader, is the outcome of the so-called "Arab spring" that Obama, his minions at the State Department and various liberal pundits were touting so strongly.  They were wrong--and laughably, ludicrously, predictably so.

But who knows?  It may still happen that the forces of liberalism in Egypt will prevail.

Any bets?


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