Friday, November 23

White House refuses to release pic of Situation Room during Benghazi

Whenever something having anything to do with national security happens, the White House quickly rushes out pics of president Faaabulous in the "Situation Room" surrounded by layers of advisors.

But when a major U.S. news organization asked the White House for pics of the crowd in the Situation Room during the fatal attacks in Benghazi, suddedly...nada.

 Fox News reports a complete stonewall from the WH press office. They requested the images almost three weeks ago, and have been shuffled around the bureaubabble maze ever since. And they're beginning to know, just maybe, there aren't any such pics. Because--heresy! Racism!--the god-king wasn't there, and didn't bother convening the advisory group. Too busy, prolly.

Oh, wait...did I say "Fox News" was stonewalled? My was actually CBS. So all you wacko liberals who think Fox is the Antichrist...wait, you don't think Christ is anything special so the term "antichrist" probably isn't one you use either.


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