Sunday, December 2

Politicians and reality: not much connection

In flying, if a pilot believes things are true when they really aren't, his chances of crashing increase exponentially.

So it is with politicians and voters here in the last month of 2012:  Most politicians seem to believe government is all-powerful and in control of everything and everyone else.  In particular, they seem to believe stable jobs will magically appear if they simply command it to be.

Silly people.  And silly voters if they believe such nonsense.

Oh sure, gummint can give billions of borrowed dollars to a few favored crony-owned businesses, but the effect is fleeting:  But of course crony-owned businesses are almost never financially sound, and after the public money is spent the business usually goes bankrupt--just as happened to Solyndra and a dozen others.

But of course low-information voters don't detect this--and even if they did, they wouldn't care.  The extent of their "analysis" is "What are you going to give ME?"

But low-information voters are only part of the problem:  Liberals like Francis Fox-Piven have been openly advocating overloading government with demands for cash in order to destroy it.  Seriously, she and Cloward literally, publically announced that's what they wanted.

Silly, silly people.  Whose policies will end up killing a lot of other people who were just minding their own business when the plane crashed.


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