Friday, November 23

Iran: "Israel's acceptance of ceasefire is a defeat for them!"

It's amazing how often chickenshit terrorist organizations like Hamas and Iran make press-release statements like "Day is night!" with a straight face.  Equally amazing is that virtually every "news" organization in the world publishes these statements with an equally straight face.

Tehran, Nov. 22 - The secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said Israel's acceptance of a ceasefire in Gaza shows that the Jewish state has grown "increasingly weak." 
     Saeed Jalili said "accepting defeat after eight days means that the Zionist regime is becoming increasingly weak."  Mr Jalili also congratulated the Palestinians on the ceasefire as that "means that counter-resistance is getting stronger." 
Yeah, dude, you bet.  After Hamas fired a thousand rockets into southern Israel, the Israelis finally decided enough was enough, and started killing top Hamas leaders left, right and center.  They then agreed to a cease-fire.  And according to the secretary of Iran's top bullshit center this is "accepting defeat"??

Wow, I want some of what he's smoking.


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