Thursday, November 22

Liberal beliefs??

Liberals seem to believe some odd things:
  --that you can knock down the walls that protect society and nothing bad will come in;
  --that money can be printed in any desired amount without debasing its value;
  --that chronic trillion-dollar deficits aren't harmful in any way (at least as long as a Democrat is president);
  --that morality and law can be openly ridiculed with no effect; crime won't increase, because the prospect of going to prison has no deterrent effect on criminals;
  --that encouraging unmarried parenting has no harmful effects;
  --that only stupid people join the armed forces;
  --that it's racist to require a photo ID to vote, but not to require one to board a plane;
  --that no matter how many burdensome regulations various levels of government impose on businesses, entrepreneurs will still start the same number of new businesses and hire the same number of people as always--probably because they're just compelled by their genetic makeup or something;
  --that government can simply issue an executive order to compel businesses to move factories and jobs overseas back to the U.S.;
  --that using executive orders to change fundamental parts of U.S. law (like giving amnesty and green cards to illegal aliens) is perfectly fine; there's no need to involve congress in controversial stuff like that.


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