Wednesday, November 21

Illinois Dems: Giving illegals licenses will make the roads safer!"

I can't decide if idiotic reporting is due to dumb reporters or agenda-pushing editors.
CHICAGO -- Illinois could become the third state in the U.S. to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants - a move top officials from both parties are pushing as a way to make roads safer...
Story claims giving illegals driver's licences is gonna make roads safer ??  How's that supposed to happen, exactly?  Ya think that'll suddenly make 'em stop driving drunk (a disproportionately large factor in accidents involving illegals)?
Supporters say Illinois has about 250,000 illegal immigrant motorists who can't get a driver's license.... Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a license would mean more of those drivers would have to pass road and written driving tests and vision tests, supporters say.
Ah, I see!  By giving 'em licenses it'll make 'em have to pass a driving test, be able to read road signs and so on, right?  Um...wait:  Does that mean the ones who don't pass will stop driving?  No?  Yeah, didn't think so.
Also, uninsured, unlicensed immigrant drivers are responsible for $64 million in insurance claims each year - costs that are picked up by people with insurance.
"By passing this legislation, this is going to incredibly benefit all of us," said [Illinois state senate president, Democrat John] Cullerton.
And by "us" Democrat pol Cullerton means Dems will get 100 percent of the illegal vote when Barky Obozo gives them the right to vote--by executive order.

Cullerton, you're either an idiot or a lying Democrat (redundancy alert):  Please do explain to us how giving licenses to bad drivers will miraculously cut their accident rate.  And do go into all the mathematical details, so we can see where our stupid erroneous thinking is demolished by your elite math skillz.

Wait, I think I just heard some dumb liberal say it's absolutely absurd--just complete right-wingnut conspiracy theory--to allege that the law-respecting King Barack would do so crazy a thing as give illegals the right to vote by executive order.  Just more wacky right-wing conspiracy talk, right? any of you libs remember that less than a year ago King Barky unilaterally changed U.S. immigration policy to give all illegals under the age of 30 amnesty from deportation, letting them stay in the U.S. indefinitely--and get green cards--without bothering with the icky difficulty of getting a law passed to do that?

You DO remember that, right?  Cuz it was, like, one of your party's major goals and super achievements, so how could you forget?  That's right, you didn't forget--you just want to claim he'd never do such a thing when it's convenient for you to claim conservatives are spouting conspiracy talk about your GodKing.

Executive orders--replacing that old, obsolete Constitution.  So much faster and neater than trying to pass laws.  And way better--at least as long as a Democrat is preezy.

Claiming that giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants will make the roads safer is like claiming that giving concealed-carry licenses to criminals will reduce crime.

I used to believe that people who spouted crap like this were simply naive or stupid.  But I'm beginning to think they're actually canny and clever.  After all, promising to continue giving a trillion bucks worth of borrowed money to the Takers, and promising citizenship to illegals, won the last election.  And promises to win all future ones.

Great job, Democrats!  You've thought this all through so well!

May your children grow up and realize what a great country you destroyed.


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