Wednesday, November 7

Lessons from the recent election

What I learned from the recent election:

1. Thuggery, shameless lying and unconstitutional acts win elections.  Specifically, Democrat congresswhores passing laws to give more gummint "freebies" to potential voters virtually guarantees the beneficiaries will vote Democrat, regardless of the unconstitutionality or fiscal insanity of those programs.

2. Except for the personal satisfaction, there's no point in working hard and playing by the rules, because a government bureaucrat or judge can take away whatever you've made or earned, on a wide variety of pretexts, with impunity.

3. There's no point in trying to work to be self-supporting because the financial bleeding (huge, endless government deficits) will continue, since the number of people demanding and receiving "freebies" is greater than the number of people paying taxes into the system.

4. A majority of Americans seem to think the government is--and should be--the source of all jobs.  This idea has become so deeply engrained as to have become an article of faith.  Thus as pols pander to that belief, they'll pass programs that will indeed create more government jobs, leading to further financial disaster.

5. Low-information voters believe any slick propaganda.  So the game plan for Democrat pols is to not be shy about lying.  Thus Obama can say "The attack in Benghazi was caused by a video--produced by an American--that insulted the prophet of Islam," and then later say "I said from the beginning that the attack on our consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist act," and almost no one in the Dinosaur Media says a word to correct this blatant lie.  Voters will believe him because a) they're not aware of any information to the contrary; and b) they have no desire to learn anything negative about Dear Leader.  Their main interest is "Where's my check?"

6. The Constitution is no longer the "supreme law of the land."  Specifically, that document charges the president with seeing to it that the laws of the U.S. "be faithfully executed" (Article 2 section 3).  Among many, many other examples, the Democrats controlling congress violated U.S. law by failing to produce a budget for three years in a row, and Obama did nothing--not even a word of admonishment--to prod his party to obey the law.  Another example: gun-running into Mexico.  Another: violation of the War Powers Act in Libya.  Failure to prosecute egregious violations of election laws by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia.  The list is a long one.

7.  There are lots of nominal Americans who seem plainly crazy.  (And I realize they think the same thing about conservatives.)


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