Friday, November 9

More rape of taxpayers by liberals

You may have heard that virtually all cities and states are almost insolvent--and particularly California and its cities.  But officials in San Francisco seem to think they have enough extra money to fund what they say is a vital service to residents:  Free sex-change operations.

The taxpayer-funded operations were approved by the city's Health Commission. Backers say it will help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender, but critics wonder why the taxpayers should foot the bill.

The idea of making taxpayers pay for sex-change operations came up in talks between public health officials and transgender rights advocates who wanted the operations covered under San Francisco's universal health care program. Transgender advocates hailed the vote.

“All Americans, in consultation with their doctors, should be able to receive the medical care they need to live healthy lives,” said Kristina Wertz, program director for the San Francisco-based Transgender Law Center. “We applaud San Francisco’s decision to allow transgender people the ability to receive the medical care they need to be healthy.”
So now the looters are forcing taxpayers to pay for their sex change operations, eh?  Is anyone surprised?  If Sandra Fluke could appear before a congressional committee and demand that the public pay for her birth-control pills, did anyone think any other demand would be considered off-limits or otherwise ridiculous?

Of course not.

In some states taxpayers pay for cell phones for folks on welfare, so why not anything else you'd like?  After all, it's only fair.  And you DO support fairness, don't you??

Does anyone detect the faintest pattern here?

If you're a democrat, probably not.

Honestly, I won't be a bit surprised if within another two years the poor are demanding free cars, and poor sexually-confused San Franciscans are demanding to be flown to Europe at taxpayer expense to "receive the sexual therapy they need to be healthy."  After all, the precedent has been set.


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