Sunday, November 4

"The future is cumulative."

Click on this link and read--regardless of your politics. 

"The future is cumulative."

Helluva powerful principle, that.  Distills human experience--the history of mankind, really--into just four words.  Allow me to explain.

When someone subverts the Constitution or violates "serious" laws, and good people politely do nothing, a bit of the wing structure that keeps our society aloft is shot away.

Do that enough times and the aircraft will fall out of the sky--quite without regard to how much people wail about how awful and unfair this result may be.

Thus when the Democrat-run government of three years ago came up with "Cash for Clunkers"--a clearly unconstitutional power grab--and the Supreme Court didn't slap it down, the precedent was established for the *next* unconstitutional act.

Thus when Obama violated the War Powers Act by ordering USAF airplanes to bomb Libya, without seeking congressional approval, the precedent was set for the *next* act.

Thus when Democrats who then controlled both branches of congress failed to submit a budget--in violation of a law passed years ago by an earlier congress--and Obama--who the Constitution charges with ensuring that the laws of the nation are enforced--did nothing to prod them to either follow the law or rescind it--the precedent was...I think you see the pattern.

America used to be a nation of laws.  Even the Left's favorite bogeyman George W. Bush sought (and received) congressional approval (as required by the War Powers Act) before invading Iraq.  But under the thoroughly corrupt leadership of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Buraq Obama, both government and Democrat groups violate the law with impunity.

And a bit more of our vital structure is chewed away.


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