Sunday, September 30

Unemployment numbers due the day after 1st debate

A number of bloggers have predicted that when the national unemployment numbers are released the day after the first presidential debate, they'll show a slight improvement regardless of whether that's true.

Sound like conspiracy stuff?  Well consider that a month after each release, the Labor Department almost always ends up revising its initial figures on number of jobs created, new applications for unemployment benefits and so on, in a way that paints a grimmer picture than first portrayed. 

In other words, their initial estimates are wrong, but always in a way that makes Obozo, the Dems and their policies look better.  Thus it's no stretch to expect the same thing next week.

Of course by the time the revision is released, only the wonks remember what the initial figure was, and the press never makes a big deal about the poor revised picture.

One commenter took a different tack:  If it turns out that the unemployment numbers released the day after the debate are higher than the previous month, he suspects the Obama campaign has already told the Lying Media the cover-story:  The increase in unemployment will be blamed on the fear by businesses of a Romney win--because that would mean a return to the bad old economic policies of George W. Bush!

Obama+MSM:  "Reality is whatever we say it is."


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