Monday, October 29

Interesting reports from the military

Within days of the attack in Benghazi the U.S. military announced the replacement of two top commanders. One was General Carter Ham, head of Africa Command.  Rumor is that as the U.S. detachment at Benghazi was being attacked, Ham messaged the Pentagon stating he was ready to respond. 

He was reportedly ordered to take no action.

As a military man willing to sacrifice his career rather than abandon his brothers in arms, Ham defied those orders and took an action to at least get U.S. military forces headed toward Benghazi.  Minutes later his assistant, General David Rodriguez, reportedly told General Ham he was relieved of his command.

The second replacement was of the commander of a carrier strike group in the Middle East.  Its commander was ordered to fly back to the U.S.  No explanation was given.

As "Stars and Stripes" puts it, this is "highly unusual."  Amen.


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