Saturday, September 29

Greek riots, America's future?

Yesterday there were riots in Greece over that government's proposed spending cuts--cuts made necessary because for decades that nation's government has been spending far more than it took in in taxes.

The only way the Greek government could do this was by borrowing huge amounts from various lenders.  And now those lenders--seeing no prospect of their previous loans being repaid--were starting to balk at lending them any more.

The BBC interviewed some of the rioters, and the most common comment was "We're fighting for our rights."

What "rights" would that be, exactly?  The right to continue to get free money from Greece's few remaining taxpayers?

That led me to consider our own financial problems here:  The Left has succeeded in convincing roughly half the U.S. population that they're entitled to "free" food, housing and medical care for life.  If one could ask a beneficiary as to where they think the money comes from to give them these things, most would have no clue.  The most common response seems to be "from Obama's stash."

While the goal of free everything is absolutely lovely, there is simply no way, financially, that half the population can support the other half without taking a 50% cut in disposable income.  And yet the Left has implemented policies designed to give anyone in the U.S. food, housing and medical care at no cost to them.

Indeed, government agencies blanket poor neighborhoods with leaflets urging them to sign up for their "freebies."

Democrats seem to be unalterably convinced that "the government" can provide free food, housing and medical care for half the population, for life.  Of course they can't say it in those words because the implausibility would be evident to anyone over the age of 15.

For Dems to continue to push the policies they push, one of three things must be true:  either 1) they actually believe the underlying basis of their policies--freebies for everyone who wants them--is financially sound; or 2) they've never actually considered whether such a policy is fiscally possible, and have just ignored that little detail; or 3) they know the policy of free everything must necessarily bankrupt the country and that's fine with them.

The media, academia, all government employees, Hollywood and everybody on welfare is thoroughly leftist in their economic thinking. The Left has a near absolute lock on the culture.  Even if by some chance Romney should win the election, all the above will still be true.

Many still think it's possible to move our country back to sanity and responsible policies--i.e. toward conservative/Founders principles.  Unfortunately I don't see any way that can happen.

The Greeks started rioting at the mere consideration of cuts to government freebies.  Does anyone really think that won't happen here?


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