Sunday, October 14

Taliban target, shoot 14-year-old girl

Okay, I apologize for being a downer on a lovely morning but I really believe it needs to be done.

Last Tuesday in northwest Pakistan a man walked into a school courtyard and boarded a bus full of schoolgirls.  He asked one of the students which one was "Malala."  The girl pointed to a classmate.  The man then walked over to the seated 14-year-old girl and asked if she was Malala.  When she said she wasn't, he shot her in the face, along with the two girls sitting beside her, at point-blank range.

The attacker escaped, but a Taliban spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, quickly claimed his group had shot the 14-year-old, saying the girl's work had been an "obscenity" that needed to be stopped.  He insisted the attack was justified because “she was promoting Western culture."  Most revealingly, he said his group would target the girl again if she survived.

And what did the Taliban spokesman claim the 14-year-old girl had done to warrant being shot in the face at point-blank range?  Dress in an un-Islamic way, perhaps?

Refuse to cover her face?

Perhaps she was seen listening to music--an act declared to be un-Islamic.

No, gentle leftists, her crime was to write and speak in favor of...are you ready?... education for girls.  Beginning at the age of eleven she'd started writing a blog about the need for Pakistani girls to attend school.  TIME magazine reported that in December she'd received an award from the Pakistani government for her work, and that she'd spoken publicly in the Swat valley about the rights of children.

Yes, truly offensive, anti-Islamic acts.

What's that?  Do I hear fans of Islam saying this ghastly shooting of an unarmed teenage girls isn't representative of that religion?  Ah.  Then we can expect to see hundreds of Muslims--in all nations--openly condemn the attack, and the group that carried it out, right?

I'll be watching.

Meanwhile a BBC correspondent in Pakistan reported on Twitter that he'd asked the Taliban to clarify their position on killing women, given that the Koran declares it forbidden for Muslims to kill other Muslims. A spokesman for the group replied that Malala “had harmed the mujahideen by her words. We held a shura and declared killing her was allowed in Islam.”

Ah, long as they held a meeting and made it all legal and all.

Oh, by the way:  All this was from Fox News so you Leftists can safely dismiss it as "faux news."  (That is so precious.)

Just kidding--it's all from the New York Times.

So tell me once again, elite opinion-molders and Ivy-schooled cabinet members:  You claim we can co-exist with people like this because...why?  Will you claim the people who shot this girl aren't "real" Muslims?

And to American feminists:  Your national organizations support Democrats, and Democrats have consistently rationalized away all heinous, ghastly acts by Muslims.  How can you ignore this atrocity?  And how much longer will you rationalize?

A brave spirit, this one:


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