Sunday, September 23

CBS in the tank for Obo again

I gave up watching 60 Minutes years ago, but while waiting for the late NFL game to start I made the mistake of watching the interviews with Romney and Obozo.  CBS fulfilled their job of boosting the Democrat while asking the Republican the toughest questions they could devise.

Example: Here's the CBS interviewer's voice-over, as best I could transcribe it:  "Governor Romney doesn't spend much time on the campaign trail talking about foreign policy, as he has limited experience in this area, and no military experience at all."


I'm not saying it's not legit to point that out.  But if lack of experience in foreign affairs is something voters should know about, where the hell was CBS four years ago?  Obama had exactly zero experience in foreign affairs, and zero military, but I don't recall CBS or any other network making a point of that.

And it gets worse.  Here's Steve Kroft, who interviewed Obozo, five minutes after his counterpart made a point of mentioning Romney's lack of foreign-policy experience:  "While we were doing our interview, the president's day was dominated by foreign affairs.  The tragedy in Benghazi..."

Ah yes, the attack on the anniversary of 9/11, that Obama and minions have said was merely a spontaneous demonstration over a film unflattering to Muslims, and the demonstrators just happened to have mortars and RPGs with them.  But *definitely* not a planned attack.  No sir, no way, not at all, according to the White House.

But see, if they admit it was a planned hit, that killed our ambassador and three other Americans, they'd have to actually DO something meaningful.  Which they have no earthly desire to do. Hence the goofy denial.  And they didn't even propose cutting foreign aid.  If anyone thinks this is sophisticated foreign policy I've got a bridge I'd like to sell ya.

It's bad enough that morons are running our foreign policy, but what's just as bad is that they think *you're* morons--because with the help of a dozen so-called journalists, you'll believe anything, no matter how incredible.


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