Sunday, September 2

Sign greets Obama at airport arrival

Obama recently visited Sioux City, Iowa--where he was greeted by the following banner:

This is some funny, creative shit here, but to get the funny you need to know two things: First, in very small letters between the two big words is printed "welcome to."

Second: SUX is the official code for the Sioux City airport.

So nobody could object to a banner at the Sioux City airport saying, in effect, welcome to Sioux City. But of course the second meaning is obvious.

The banner got me to wondering: If the owner of a major building in a city being visited by Obozo decided to hang a banner on his own building saying something unflattering about the preezy, what are the odds that someone from the White House would prod a local city official (Democrat, of course) to get it removed?

My guess is the local would threaten the building's owner with a fine if he didn't remove it before Obozo's arrival. Of course there's that whole "free speech" thingy they'd have to get past, so the bureaucrat would surely cloak the demand as "You didn't get a permit to demonstrate" or "windows in commercial buildings can't be obstructed" or some similar bullshit. Be interesting to see if it'd happen.


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