Tuesday, August 21

Dept of Education demands equal discipline rates regardless of behavior

As far as I can tell, any time the federal gummint gets involved in trying to solve a "problem"--whether real or invented by bureaucrats--you can count on three things:
1. There will be a boatload of unintended consequences, some of which will be worse than the original problem;
2. After years of effort, the problem will be essentially unchanged in impact; and
3. The amount of taxpayer funds spent to do this will be eight or ten times the original estimate.

This is the situation with public schools and the problem of "disproportionate minority discipline rates," which is now being attacked by the Departments of Education and Justice.

If you're not in the education biz this phrase may not ring any bells, but it turns out that members of some minority groups are suspended from school more often than others. The Obama administration claims these suspensions are prima facie evidence of racial discrimination, and is strong-arming school systems to ensure that students of different races are disciplined at identical rates.

But what if the differential in discipline rates is due to different racial groups actually misbehaving at different rates?

Oh no, citizen, this cannot be the case.  Because...shut up, that's why.

This demand by Obama's minions strikes the normal person as so ludicrous as to be a spoof or prank on goofy liberal ideas in general. Sadly, it's all too real. Heather MacDonald has the full story here.

It seems the liberals running the Department of Education noticed that blacks--and particularly black males--are suspended from school two or three times more often than whites. Being liberals, they simply could not and cannot believe this could be due to a higher rate of misbehavior by black males, and instead concluded that the only possible explanation had to be racism by teachers and school administrators.

Go read the article at the link. It'll make your blood boil.


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