Tuesday, August 21

Iran bans women from 70+ college courses; U.S. feminists silent

The religious nutbars who run the Islamic Republic of Iran have now banned women from more than 70 university courses, inluding English lit and computer science.

They'll still teach the courses, but women won't be allowed to take 'em.

Now, if a country wants to ban women from certain courses I figure that's on the same order as making 'em wear black robes and hoods--it's their culture, their problems. What I do find *very* amusing about this is that you won't hear a single word of protest about this from feminist organizations in the U.S.

Gosh, and here I thought American feminists were supposedly all about "female empowerment" and "throwing off the chains of the patriarchy" and so on. Oh, wait...maybe they just get concerned about alleged discrimination against women here in the U.S.

Yes, that must be it. They're simply using the time-honored Democrat/liberal double-standard and just ignoring mistreatment of women in other countries. That makes perfect sense, because that way they don't offend Muslims.

Wait...it must not the possibility of offending just *Muslims* that's important to them, cuz, see, I'm pretty sure Iranian women would *love* to have some support from feminists in other countries.

So...I guess U.S. feminists are afraid of offending Muslim...males.

Wow, never saw that one coming, eh?


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