Thursday, August 23

More apparent Dem/Obama corruption...mainstream media yawns

Late last year, as voters were becoming irritated over Obama's minions giving hundreds of millions of dollars in "government-guaranteed" loans to shaky "green energy" companies that quickly went bankrupt (like Solyndra), someone in the administration decided they needed an "independent" review of the program that would clear them of any wrongdoing.

The guy picked to do the review was a Wall Street veteran named Herbert Allison, and his report was released this last March.

Can you guess what he concluded? "No problems at all."

Guess what he did for the gummint before that? He oversaw the gummint's mass buy of "toxic" Wall Street "assets" known as TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)--a multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that basically resulted in taxpayers bailing out Wall Street's big firms.

Now it's been revealed that within a week or two after completing his report, Allison began giving tens thousands to Obama and the Dems: $52,000 and change. Allison said he made his decision to support Obama after he "saw his administration in action and decided that I believe broadly in the things he's trying to accomplish."

I'll just bet you did, cupcake. You loved helping the gummint shake down taxpayers for tens of billions in TARP, and $23 Billion in guaranteed loans for companies run by Obama cronies.

If this guy was appointed by a Republican president and turned around and donated $50,000 to the same guy, the mainstream media would be screaming bloody murder. But if it's Obama...crickets.


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