Tuesday, August 21

Video: interview of happy female bomb accomplice

Stumbled onto a clip allegedly from Palestinian Television, recorded July 12 of this year and translated by MEMRI. According to the caption it's an interview of a woman who helped carry out a suicide bombing of a restaurant in Israel that killed 16 civilians.

You really need to see this clip, because this woman is so clearly delighted by what she accomplished. She's smiling and laughing through the entire clip as she describes the joyous reactions of fellow Arabs as radio reports of the details of the fatal attack are broadcast.

Now I don't speak Arabic, so it's possible this is a clip of a woman talking about how much fun she had making a movie or something. But the audio seems to be sync'd to the video, and anyone who knew the language could either verify the translation or reveal a hoax.

If this is real--and I don't doubt it is--this will tell you everything you need to know about the prospects of peace in the Middle East.


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