Friday, August 24

City says you can't give free water without a permit ??

A couple of weeks ago I posted about city bureaucrats in Philly threatening to fine a woman for giving free lunches to local poor kids. The bureaucrats said the woman didn't have a permit to do what she was doing.

A permit. To give kids something to eat.

Almost unbelievable. And yet, somehow we all knew this was coming as politicians at all levels of gummint expand their reach and try to justify their jobs.

Well here's the next phase: In Phoenix a woman who was handing out bottles of water--at no charge--in the city's 112-degree heat claims a city employee told her she couldn't do that without a permit from the city. The employee added that they'd get a ticket if they continued.

In an ideal world when crap like this happened, you could just look a certain way at the mad bureaucrat and they'd vanish in a puff of smoke and carbon dust.


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