Saturday, August 11

Lefty mag blasts Ryan as having "no private-sector experience" ?!

Liberals/"progressives"/Democrats could not wait to start bashing Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate--resulting in an unintentional own-goal by at least one of them.

Writing on the New Yorker's on-line site, a goofy lefty named Ryan Lizza led with the most scathing criticism of the veep pick he could imagine:
Let’s tally the risks of a Ryan pick. For one thing, Ryan has no significant private-sector experience.
Oh my, yes, Mr. Lizza, you have nailed it. How could *anyone* with an IQ above 70 vote for a guy with "no significant private-sector experience" to be Vice-president?

After all, private-sector experience is absolutely crucial to a candidate being able to identify with all of us po' non-gummint folks who aren't working for a non-profit foundation or some such.



Uh...wait. Tell me, Mr. Lizza: Does this crucial factor apply to ALL candidates for high office, or just Republicans?

And just when did you have this magnificent epiphany? Yesterday, perhaps?

Cuz' see, your party's candidate for president--the Chicago Jesus--had absolutely no significant private-sector experience prior to being selected as your party's nominee for president.


So which way you wanna' jump, you hypocritical rat-bastard? If private-sector experience is crucial NOW, why was it totally unimportant to you four years ago?

And now I'll bet I can guess what you'll do: You'll ignore your perfect foot-shot and hope no one will point it out. And of course your leftist allies in the MSM will do their part to ignore your hypocritical blunder.

Thankfully the Internet already gotcha.

Not content with shooting himself in just one foot, Lizza then took a second shot:
Ryan’s Washington experience is also light, at least for a potential President—which, after all, is the main job description of a Vice-President.
Let's see here...Ryan has been a member of the House for 14 years and is chairman of the Budget Committee. Contrast that with the magnificent experience of the current Democrat preezy, who spent--was it two years?--as a senator before running for president. However, during this time Obama's keen analytical skill, hard work and brilliant oratory won him key leadership positions as chairman of the powerful senate Parking Assignment committee and vice-chair of the key senate School Lunch Menu Planning committee.

Jeez, the Republican candidate for vice-prez has seven times more Washington experience than the Democrat's presidential nominee had when he ran for the top slot.

But pay no attention to the facts, taxpayers. Instead, listen to an elite writer for New Yorker magazine when he declares Ryan is "light on Washington experience."

Y'know, I'm amazed that lefty writers can push out any of the crap they write with a straight face.


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