Tuesday, August 14

National Weather Service orders 46,000 rounds of .40 cal ?

Saw this on Moonbattery: The DOC (?) NOAA National Weather Service - Western Acquisition Division, apparently in Boulder, Colorado, is soliciting bids for 46,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.

Now, I'm intensely curious as to what kind of job the National Weather Service can possibly have that uses handgun ammo. Let alone 46,000 rounds of the stuff.

Some of this ammo is to be delivered to each of the following:
Ross Lane at 130 Oak Street, Suite 5, Ellsworth, ME.
Troy Audyatis at 53 North 6th Street, Room 214 New Bedford, MA.
Jeff Radonski, 263 13th Avenue South, Suite 109, St. Petersburg, FL.
James Cassin, 3350 Highway 138, Suite 218, Wall, NJ.

No doubt there's a really good explanation for why the weather service has ordered 46,000 rounds of handgun ammo. I'd sure like to know what it is.

UPDATE: According to bureaucrats, the National Weather Service ammo order was a “clerical error.”


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