Monday, August 13

Lefty PAC claims Romney wants to end Medicare; The Hill repeats verbatim

The left-leaning blog The Hill reports that a "super-PAC" called Worker's Voices, affiliated with the AFL-CIO, has been holding protests outside Romney rallies. Now they're planning to extend their protests to Ryan rallies as well.

This would be pretty ho-hum, except for one thing: In the Hill's post they repeated verbatim a couple of charges contained in a prepared statement from the PAC:
Up to now we have had working families outside all of Romney's events protesting his outsourcing policies at Bain,” reads a PAC statement. “We're now going to expand that message to incorporate Ryan and the plan to end Medicare ... What Romney and Bain did to middle class families and companies, Romney [and] Ryan want to do to all Americans with their plan to end Medicare.
Did you know Ryan had a plan to end Medicare?

Did you know Romney [and] Ryan have a joint plan to end Medicare?

Wow, I didn't know that. That's just awful! Guess those Democrap ads showing a Republican pushing a wheelchair-bound granny off a cliff weren't just dramatizations after all!

Okay, enough sarcasm. Neither Romney nor Ryan has announced a plan to end Medicare. But by publishing this dastardly, false claim by the Democratic PAC without comment or rebuttal, The Hill plants the seed in the minds of gullible readers that the Republicans DO have such a plan.

And no amount of denial by the GOP will ever erase that suspicion.

Clever, huh.

This is Propaganda 101. And given the number of low-information voters, it's a good bet that at least ten million will wind up believing this is the truth.

But The Hill isn't finished yet. If ending Medicare didn't scare you enough, they'll imply that the Republicans want to end Social Security too! The blog ends its Democrat press release by quoting a statement about Romney from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:
Aligning himself with the poster-child for ending Medicare and Social Security puts to rest any suggestion that Romney has a clue what the middle class needs. (Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO thug)
Fun, fun, fun, huh? Just release the most outrageous lies you can devise, and trust the MSM will reprint those lies verbatim. After which roughly half the electorate will believe those lies.

Hell of a system, eh? Remember these lies, and who told them. Because if Obozo gets re-elected and our economy either suffers four more years of the current crap, or else collapses outright, your children are gonna want to know how it happened.

And how we let it happen.


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