Friday, August 10

Man sentenced to jail for collecting rain...on his own property

An Oregon man has gone to jail, sentenced to 30 days. And what he was sentenced for should give you a long, long pause:

He was sentenced for...collecting rainwater and snow that fell on his own property.

Yep. Seems the state of Oregon says the man has been "diverting the state's water." Not sure how the state determined that it owned God's rain falling on a man's own land, but the pencil-dick jerks in Oregon's government managed it.

Oh, he was also charged with having three "illegal reservoirs." Not "illegal moonshine stills" or "illegal bombmaking factories" but "illegal reservoirs."

Now, I can see how if you had a million-gallon concrete tank on a hill, the state might want to look over your engineering data to protect folks downhill. But why do I suspect that this guy's "reservoirs" were more on the order of two-foot kiddie pools?

Oh yeah, that's it: I've *dealt* with morons in state and city gummints before. I've seen first-hand what passes for "thought" in this crew, and it's a travesty. So without having seen the "reservoirs" I'll put $20 that says they're under 200 gallons each.

Somehow I'm not seeing the danger there. But the state will enforce its will regardless. They wanted to slap this guy down, so they'll pull out every stop, even if it's a ridiculous nitpick.


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