Thursday, May 12

Dems: Photo ID for voting? BAD! For flying? Just peachy.

Texas has just passed a bill requiring people to show a photo ID before voting. And predictably, Democrats are screaming that this will make it impossibly difficult for minorities and the poor to vote--thus reducing the number of votes for Democratic candidates.

It got me to thinking: Unless I'm much mistaken, every single person who wants to fly in the U.S. has to show photo ID, right? And I don't hear any screaming from Democrats and libs about that.

So why haven't Dems argued against photo-ID for air passengers on the same grounds as for voting? After all, a terrorist can bring down one plane, while enough illegal voters can bring down a government--or in extreme situations, a whole country.

Oh, and Obama has threatened to sic Holder and company on Texas, for passing this law. It'll be interesting.


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