Saturday, May 7

Obama's energy policy

With gasoline prices nearing $4 per gallon, what would you think would be the most logical thing to do to either bring them down or at least slow the rate of increase?
a) increase drilling in the U.S. to try to find more oil; or
b) reduce drilling, reducing the amount of oil we import, and hope for the best?
Obama pays lip-service to drilling but doesn't take any action that would encourage actual, y'know, drilling. He doesn't actually say "drilling won't help" but he strongly implies it.

In a speech on energy policy last week Obama said that it’s important to “encourage safe and responsible oil production here at home” and called for reducing the country’s oil imports by one-third by 2025, ramping up vehicle fuel economy standards and relying on low-emission electricity sources.

Got a news flash for ya', Barry: "Low-emission electricity sources" aren't gonna' do jack to reduce the amount of imported oil we use--let alone cut imports by a third.

This is simply wishful thinking, as relevant as a child describing how the family can afford a trip to Disneyland if they'll just collect aluminum cans.

The linked article--from The Hill, a Democrat-supporting website--concludes with the obligatory statement from anonymous "energy analysts":

Energy analysts say expanded domestic oil production would have almost no near-term effect on gas prices.

Isn't that precious? This has been the standard Democrat line for at least a decade: 'Drilling will have no near-term effect...' What that obviously--and cleverly--ignores is that more exploratory drilling today will bring production on-line five or six years from now. And if Dems, "progressives," leftists et al hadn't opposed more exploration and drilling five or six years AGO, we'd have an extra million barrels a day by now.

But of course that's not what your side wants. You want higher gasoline prices, because that will hasten the introduction of electric cars or bicycles or horses or...anything other than what we have now.

And then you'll close the coal-fired powerplants and send the price of electricity through the roof. Or demand that all horse fodder be turned into ethanol, sending the cost of owning a horse through the roof. Or whatever you can think of to throw a wrench into our economy.

Nice strategy.


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