Thursday, May 12

Food aid to North Korea results in heroin exports?

It's hard to avoid advocating assassination when you read stories like the following:

For the last twenty years or so, North Korea has been having food shortages of varying severity. And of course the folks most hurt by these shortages are ordinary workers, since party officials and army troops always get food in ample supply.

Predictably, liberals and Democrats have responded by offering millions of tons of "food aid." That would be, free food to the Norks, with the bill paid by American taxpayers.

So how did the Norks respond to free food? The dictator, Kim Jong-Il, ordered all collective farms to take 12 acres out of food production and switch to growing something much more valuable to the communist government: Poppies. Which are then used to make...heroin.

Similarly, starving prisoners aren't allowed to farm on the land surrounding the prisons, but are forced to grow...can you guess? Yep, poppies.

Oh, and the heroin produced is smuggled into consuming countries in the uninspectable diplomatic pouches of Nork diplomats.

So by virtue--if that term can be used here--of America's generosity in giving them "free" food, North Korea's brutal dictator is able to grow tons of the feedstock for heroin. Thus, in a ghastly demonstration of good intentions giving bad results, the end result of food aid is to
  • contribute to wrecking societies in consuming nations, and
  • earn an estimated One Billion dollars a year in hard currency for the dictatorial regime.
Wow, who'd have guessed?

Now, I truly feel compassion for starving folks, especially when their government is preventing them from raising the food they need to live. But to allow the Nork regime to hold these people hostage to extract food aid from the West is...crazy.

Kill Kim Jong-Il. Do it ASAP. When you think about it, the guy's policies probably kill as many people each year as bin Laden did in his whole career.

That is all.


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