Thursday, May 12

Bill to grant lawmakers right to conceal-carry...but *you* have to jump thru the hoops!

[See update at end of article.]

Seems that government "employees" at all levels think they're better than you.

Whether it's extravagant retirement pay, gold-plated health care paid for by you or a host of other perks, they continue to support a double-standard: "We're special, you're peons."

Example for today: A state legislator in Texas--one Glenn Hegar--has introduced a bill granting special concealed-carry privileges to legislators and other government employees.

Hegar's spokesman said legislators need to protect themselves because they vote on difficult issues which may enrage some people.

Ah, I see: People enraged at legislators are far more dangerous than, say, an ex-husband who's vowed to kill his wife. More dangerous than an armed robber. Don't think so, Sparky. And how does that apply to "other government employees"?

This is just one more example of "Rules for thee but not for me" that seem to be the norm for the self-annointed privileged class.

As far as I'm concerned, screw 'em. Hypocritical SOB's.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, this particular legislator's a Republican. His constituents should unemploy him immediately.

UPDATE: A different Republican Texas lawmaker has said this bill is a ploy, and to "expect amendments." One possible approach might be to try to attract public support from Democrats, and then try to amend the bill. But in what useful way? Texas citizens can already apply for a concealed-carry license, so not sure how this would work.

Historically, the Democrats have been masters of parliamentary arcana compared to Republicans, who seem inexorably welded to obeying the rules, however much sacrifice in position that entails. While the bill may be a ploy, I'll be absolutely astonished if the Dems allow themselves to be taken in.


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