Thursday, May 5

Reward offered for info on vote fraud.??

Conservatives have been complaining about Dem vote fraud for a decade or so now, and keep introducing measures to prevent it by requiring positive ID and so on. These measures are almost always defeated by Democrats and so-called "progressives."

So it's good to know that someone in the U.S. is getting serious about ferreting out (and presumably stopping) vote fraud: A little-known group has offered $25,000 to anyone who submits information showing vote fraud--but only in the recent Wisconsin state supreme court election, in which a leftist candidate lost to a relatively conservative one.

You'd think that if leftists were suddenly up in arms about vote fraud, wouldn't you think they just might be more receptive to measures to make that more difficult?


So I guess to Dems, vote fraud is just fine when it helps elect their guy. It's only when an election defeats the "progressive" (Leftist) candidate that Dems have a problem with it.


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