Tuesday, May 10

Obama's National Security Advisor dodges to defend a lie

Thomas Donilon is the politically connected attorney and lobbyist appointed by Obama as his National Security Advisor.

Last week on Meet the Press Donilon was asked if "harsh questioning" of captured al-Qaeda members--a policy under President Bush that was shrilly and endlessly condemned by all Democrats/liberals/"progressives"--had helped locate bin Laden.

It was a perfect bind: Admitting that the methods condemned by Democrats had indeed provided vital information would violate liberal dogma that such methods couldn't provide useful intel. But a flat denial would likely risk an embarrassing contradiction by other branches of government.

As you could have guessed, rather than admit the obvious Donilon chose a weasel-worded answer: he dodged by saying simply that “no single piece of intelligence led to this.”

I have no problem with non-responsive answers when offered in the service of protecting national security. But not when used to advance a lie used by Dems to demonize their political opponents.


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