Monday, April 25

Actress claims immigrants pay more taxes than Exxon. Left nods vigorously

This is classic: The leftist website "Think Progress" was doing a political talk panel, and one "Rosario Dawson"--reportedly an actress--was asked a leading question about the wisdom of "tax cuts for the rich" (the Left's renaming of proposals to keep the so-called Bush tax cuts for *everyone*). Dawson ended her answer with,
"I will just say immigrants pay more taxes than Exxon!"
The folks over at Weasel Zippers found this hard to believe, so they (gasp!) looked it up, and found that Exxon paid over $17 Billion in taxes last year. By comparison, the most generous estimate of taxes paid by "immigrants" (legal? illegal? all?)--estimates made by left-wing sites that historically want to find reasons why we should let everyone into this country as long as they vote Dem--was something like $11 Billion.

So the statement was not just wrong, but waaaay false. But of course no one on the left-approved panel was gonna' call Dawson on her ludicrously wild error--whether because they had no idea or because it was something they wanted to believe.

Folks, the little script you just read--and will see in the coming months--is an absolutely standard play from the Left's playbook: Some leftist says something defamatory on TV about, say, Exxon. The statement is totally, ridiculously false, but it says what everyone on the Left wants to believe.

In a day or two it's gone viral--pushed by Leftist sites, and not as "You can't believe what this goofy actress said on TV..." but as "You tell 'em, Ros! You go girl!"

And by election day a full 50 percent of the electorate will believe the statement was and is true--in this case that immigrants pay more taxes than Exxon.

The group believing this would include virtually everyone who voted for Obozo. This prediction is reinforced by virtually every poll that tries to measure how well informed Americans are: except for us political junkies, most Americans are utterly clueless about national affairs. For example, earlier this year 40 percent of Americans polled either believed Obamacare had already been repealed, or weren't sure.

How can you not know something that important? But they could probably tell you who won the last American Idol.

Face it, it's just not possible for our side to out-lie the Left. They're too practiced, too smooth, plus they have the entire Make-Believe Media backing them, suppressing their mistakes, giving huge publicity to mistakes by conservatives (Palin, anyone?) and attacking any conservative who seems to be getting the party behind him or her.


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