Friday, March 4

Gas prices rising daily--why aren't we drilling here?

Are rising gasoline prices starting to hurt your family? Then you might want to know that the Obama administration is still sitting on 103 applications for drilling permits in the oil-rich Gulf of Mexico.

The likely total amount of daily production from these wells--which of course haven't been drilled due to Obama's refusal to issue drilling permits--would almost certainly have been more than 200,000 barrels per day. That's oil we wouldn't have to import from overseas.

"Wait," you say, "I thought a federal judge ordered the administration to lift the drilling ban in the Gulf. How can this still be an issue?"

Because the Obama administration defied the court order. The judge then issued a stronger order to the same effect: Either approve the applications to drill, or else show valid cause why they shouldn't be approved. But so far the administration is ignoring the order.

This administration is compiling a pretty grim track record of simply ignoring court orders and laws it doesn't want to obey. Nice example of "a nation of laws, not of men", eh?

If you voted for Obama, hope you're happy with what you got.


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