Friday, February 25

"Sharia sucks"

Some Americans make excuses for Islamic terrorists. Others see Islamic aggression for what it is.

The link is to an American psychiatrist who's stunned by how, after a 14 year old girl in Pakistan (for you young'uns, that's a Muslim-run country) was raped by a married relative, the Islamic court quickly charged her with adultery, speedily convicted her and sentenced her to--brace yourself--100 lashes.

The girl died while being flogged.

How, wondered the psychiatrist, could any sane society do such a thing?

Now, everyone knows that every large population--including those of civilized countries--has a tiny fraction of crazies who do incredibly cruel things. They're mentally ill and bent on doing evil. But we don't praise them, or charge their victims with crimes, nor flog the victims.

But Islam seems to contain a universal strain of evil, malicious cruelty--a behavior uniformly embraced by the national leaders. In other words, the cruelty and evil is official policy rather than an aberration.

The doc also observes that many if not most of those on the Left seem to make excuses for Islamic terrorism and oppose efforts to defeat it.

Instead, Leftists shout that anyone who opposes Islamic expansion and the imposition of Sharia law in non-Muslim nations is "Islamophobic."

Yet these are the same folks who scream bloody murder if *Christians* try to impose any sort of restraints on drugs or teen sex or abortion or you name it.

Interesting double-standard.


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