Saturday, February 26

Dems blocking proposed spending cuts

There's an amusing fight going on right now (perhaps not a real one) over the government's budget. With a projected yearly deficit of something like $1.6 Trillion, the Republican leadership is trying to cut the budget by $100 billion or so--about six percent--while the Dems are fighting tooth and nail to block cuts to anything except the military.

Watching this unfold, a commenter on another blog had the following insight:
To the Democrats, there can't be such a thing as excessive spending, since the spending itself is seen by Dems as an end in itself -- regardless of what the money is being spent on. The idea is to distribute cash to their supporters--and thus reap more votes next election. This has been the idea (the "spoils system") since Martin van Buren invented the modern Democratic Party in the service of Andrew Jackson.

That makes a lot of sense. Dems never seem to mind deficits--although they briefly squealed loudly about the far smaller ones incurred by G.W. Bush, this was widely regarded as nothing more than political theater. One has to wonder: Do they think they can borrow endless amounts from the Chinese forever?

Apparently they think they can.

Here's something to think about: In just nine years, the interest we'll be paying China each year on the money we've borrowed from them will completely fund their defense budget.

But you Dems stay classy, and keep pushing those giant spending programs. Like Obamacare. Keep refusing to issue drilling permits in the Gulf--in defiance of a court order--so we can send more money to middle-east oil exporters.

I'm not an unalloyed fan of the Republicans--too many damn RINOs--but the Dem insistence that they can keep doing business as usual is insane.


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