Saturday, February 26

My pick of coming problems facing the U.S.

Following is a list of problems--potentially lethal--facing the U.S. in one area or another. (These aren't ranked by severity.)

1. Increasing invasion across the Mexican border by armed drug cartel members;
2. Iranian acquisition of atomic bomb;
3. Potential aggressive moves by Chavez in Venezuela;
4. Iran as a constant supplier to terrorist groups;
5. North Korean aggression, either conventional or nuclear;
6. Continued realignment of Pakistan against the U.S.
7. Rising energy prices, as Obama continues to defy a court order to either issue drilling permits in the Gulf or deny the applications and defend that decision in court;
8. Impending bankruptcy of California and Illinois;
9. Collapse of the Euro;
10. Collapse of bond markets following defaults by CA, IL or the PIIGS;
11. Rising U.S. debt and interest payments on same;
12. Continued high unemployment due to business closings;

Because the consequences of failing to solve any of these problems could be quite serious--as in, many American deaths or loss of allied states to bad agents--problems of this class would normally be handled by the president's top aides--secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury and other cabinet members and agency heads.

Thus it's reassuring to see that Obama has had the foresight to surround himself with truly world-class analysts, strategists and managers to handle the bumps coming fast.

Like, oh, Timmy Geithner. The canny, experienced geopolitical strategist Hillary Clinton. His shrewd director of National Intelligence, Mr. Clapper, who described the Muslim Brotherhood as not really a religious organization.

Seeing so much talent on one team is very comforting. I feel as secure and confident as a first-class passenger on the world's largest, newest ocean liner did in April, 1912.


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