Tuesday, February 22

Wisconsin department of Ed website touts "8-HOUR work week"

In December of 2009 the Wisconsin government--with both houses and the governor's office controlled by Democrats--passed a law requiring the state's teachers to teach “the history of organized labor in America and the collective bargaining process” as part of social studies. The phrase "and the collective bargaining process" suggests that the state's teachers--all union members--will be teaching the subject with an entirely pro-union spin.

Last September the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (i.e. the department that runs education in that state) created a website describing this wonderful program. Click here to see it.

The third sentence on the page is:
Unions such as the AFL-CIO and Teamsters allow us to enjoy an eight-hour work week and vacation time.
Wow, this explains so much!

As of today that line has been on the department's webpage for almost four months. I guess the reason no one has changed it is that the idea of working just eight hours per week doesn't seem a bit unreasonable to the union bosses in the Wisconsin DoPI.

And I wonder why they decided to give credit for a short work week to just the AFL-CIO and Teamsters instead of, oh, the steelworkers or railroad unions? Just curious.

This page has been up for four months and no one has corrected this obvious error. Seriously, how does anyone confuse a day with a week, or think there are only 8 work hours in the latter? Were they uncertain how to multiply 8 by 5? I mean, this is just so obviously unreasonable that one has to wonder if anyone knows WTF they're doing up there.

Well considering that every employee in the WDoPI is almost certainly a union member, things become clearer. This is public-employee union performance at its best.


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