Wednesday, February 23

DC activists try to wring cash from Wal-Mart to let them build stores in D.C.

Wal-Mart is planning to build 4 stores in Washington D.C.

Now the fun begins: Predictably, a bunch of "community organizers" and assorted activists have surfaced to try to wring juicy, de-facto payoffs from the company as a condition for letting them build the stores. The groups want the company to agree to a list of demands that include supporting "charitable partnerships" with groups dealing with hunger and "work-force development" in the District.

Now, I don't care whether Wally builds in DC or not, but if I were the company I'd get the opposition groups to commit to a written list of "demands"--signed by each. Then once a month for the next couple of years I'd run half-page ads in the Washington Times as follows:
Tired of not having jobs? Of not being able to find fresh produce? We wanted to build 4 stores in D.C., but the following people demanded that we agree to a long list of demands in order to build here.

In the face of such logical, determined opposition we decided not to build any stores in D.C.

If this decision pleases you, call the following people and thank them.

On the other hand, if you think the demands (printed below) were little more than hypocritical attempts to extort money from our company, call 'em and tell them that too.

We certainly don't want to open stores where they're not wanted!

Oh my. Can you imagine the reaction from the left?

And look at all the posturing from Obama and wife about how much trouble residents of poor communities have finding fresh produce. And how important jobs are in poor communities. The ads would make them look like hypocritical poseurs, opportunists. Hmm.....

OTOH, local residents may just decide they want Wal-Mart stores locally, and throw out the pols who are blocking the deal.


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