Monday, November 15

"The healthcare numbers don't work." "So??"

A blogger I enjoy posted a piece on the fatal problems with Obamacare. It attracted a commenter (I've edited a bit):
What does the new Obamacare law allow? Someone ping Nancy and ask her to interpret its 2,100 pages, with new precedents of waivers and exclusions, and find out. That is, if she ever got around to reading the bill she twisted so many arms to pass.

The numbers for Obamacare simply don’t work-- at all, for anyone.

This is the age of form over substance, of numbers that don’t work and no one seems to notice. Take the mortgage meltdown: Even the rocket scientists were just dead wrong. PhD's notwithstanding, eventually arithmetic always wins.

But I believe it’s a distinctive cultural trait right now. It is rampant where I work at Megabank, empty suits yapping away without making a lick of sense. If you want to know where the mortgage meltdown came from, I can give you a list of names that were certainly contributory, small hands moving events under the command of the wise … wise guys.

And where is our watchdog press? They're no more interested in whether the numbers work than anybody else. You might think even a partisan press might try to read the bill, find some competent high school students to add up the numbers, and point out to their democraptic friends, “uh, these numbers here …” But no, the political class doesn’t do math-- that’s for peons, worker bees, anyone who cannot possibly have any effect on policy.

The political class don’t do no math.



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