Saturday, November 6

NYT: "Only reason we lost was poor communication"

It's always nausea-inducing to read any blog written by a writer for the NY Times. I don't knowingly read any of 'em, but occasionally an unnamed link takes me there inadvertently.

That just now happened, and now I have the urge to take a really hot shower--with bleach.

Honestly, I don't know how these people can have been raised in the same country I was. And to make matters worse, these wackos actually think they're enlightened and have a special skill that allows them to see through the surface trappings to the real nature of American life and power. They think that those of us in flyover country are all ignorant, jingoistic rubes who hate foreigners and vegetables.

The article I had the misfortune of reading was a post-election analysis. The author claimed the only reason the Dems lost was because the Tea Party--actually owned and financed by Big Business, of course--lied about the problems brought on by Obama and the Dems, and Obama didn't try to counter these alleged lies and show the ignorant unwashed voters how wonderful his policies actually were.

In other words, if you voted Republican or conservative or Tea Party, you're dumb and easily fooled by pretty lies. Got that?

The article was bad enough, but the comments were even worse. A sample:
Let's not save capitalism. Its self-destructive nature should doom it to the ash can of history along with feudalism and slavery.
A Canadian wrote:
The blame is on the ignorance of the u.s. electorate. Information is there in plain view about what happened; whether it's about bailouts, the stock market, no WMDs in iraq (a fact which seemed to be known in every democracy but the u.s.a.) and on and on. however, if ignorance is bliss, americans have to the be the happiest uninformed citizens on the face of the earth.

The level of "big lie" propaganda is simply stunning:
The Republican's sole, unvarnished, self-serving, filthy agenda consists of - to paraphrase Sen. Mitch McConnel - making Mr. Obama a one-term President.
And here most of us on the right thought our team was about reducing nutty regulations, cutting taxes and red-tape for businesses, encouraging job creation by encouraging new startup companies, cutting public-sector salaries and pensions back to levels in the private-sector and so on.

I won't ruin your Sunday by quoting any more of this crap. Frankly it makes me want to buy more weapons of higher caliber, and double the ammo stock.

If you have to do your own research here's the link, but don't complain to me if you click and it ruins your day. You've been warned.


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