Saturday, October 30

Day after the election

Congratulations to all who voted to start the long, difficult process of returning the U.S. to sanity and stability. Picking up 50-plus seats in congress sends a huge message.

Of course I don't expect the MSM to report it this way. Instead the stories will likely be about the *failure* of the Republicans to take control of the Senate as well. Can't have Americans thinking that conservatives actually accomplished anything, eh?

You can also expect to read endless articles claiming that the "real" message of this election is that voters are tired of the political sniping and want "bipartisanship."

I'm pretty sure that is *not* the message the majority of voters sent, but it's understandable that liberals and Dems would try that spin.

We can also expect to read a flood of stories moaning about "obstructionism" by the GOP. And Dems in congress will undoubtedly resume their standard practice of attaching ultra-liberal provisions to "must-pass" bills and daring Republicans to defeat the bill.

So...huge win, but the fight is just beginning. There will be some battles lost along the way, but we have to encourage our reps to hang tough.


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