Thursday, November 4

Why do Dems hate business?

It seems so-called "progressives", liberals and Democrat politicians hate business people.

Of course they talk constantly about the importance of jobs to the economy, but their actions show that they really don't give a damn about business. To progs and socialists the only useful function of a business is to provide jobs for Democrat voters.

Moreover, socialists seem to believe that all they have to do is order businesses to hire people and it'll be done. After all, that's what happens in every other area of government: the rulers make the laws and regulations and everyone must obey or face huge fines or possibly jail time.

Most pols don't understand that businesses don't exist to provide jobs or generate tax revenue for them to spend. They certainly do those things, of course, but only incidentally to their main function.

Because Americans have always lived with freedom and free enterprise, most of us don't see what a boon it is to have hundreds of thousands of small businesses that fulfill virtually every possible consumer need or desire. And of course Hollywood has made eeevil businessmen the villain in countless movies and television shows for decades. Thus roughly half of Americans seem to be fairly hostile to business.

I doubt that Dems/socialists/"progressives" (what a beautiful piece of misleading naming that last one is!) will ever abandon their animosity to business and free enterprise, but with luck a few more elections like last Tuesday's may make that irrelevant.


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