Saturday, November 6

Dem talking point: "OMG, it's GRIDLOCK!"

After last Tuesday the new Dem talking point is "Gridlock approaches! We’ve had two years of gridlock thanks to the party of NO"!!

Apparently the Dems think everyone in the country is as ignorant as their own voters are, because it takes very little memory to realize that for the past four years the Dems have had a bulletproof majority in both houses of congress, and obviously for the last two they've also had president Zero. For the last two years the Dems shut the GOP out of any part of legislating, essentially telling the Repubs to pound sand.

So this "party of NO" crap is just that: a cutesy phrase coined by some strategist to shift blame to the GOP. Again, the GOP hasn't had the votes to defeat *anything* in the last four years. If there's any legislation you Dems haven't passed, it's the fault of your own party.

Deal with the mess y'all made, and stop trying to revise history.


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