Sunday, August 1

Someone who's willing to tell it straight up

I've stumbled on a blog called "Brussels Journal," by Takuan Seiyo. The author is extremely well-travelled and seemingly doesn't suffer foolishness lightly.

One of his recurring themes is that all western civilizations are committing suicide. Here's an example:

[The American government] has passed “civil rights” laws, then turned them into racial quotas, then...unleashed an army of prosecutors to enforce not merely the same starting line for everyone, but to sue for race and gender discrimination if there are unequal results at the finish line.

Since finish-line results cannot be equal, because Reality has decreed that most women are not as strong and fast as men, [average IQs are different for different races], Muslims don’t make good employees in ham sandwich shops and 200-kg. gluttons don’t make persuasive fitness and beauty consultants, there is no end to [government's] Reality-improving work-- all done by well-paid employees with fringe benefits unheard of in the private sector.

The result is the systematic wrecking of the United States.

Under the “Disparate Impact” doctrine, American employers [cannot legally base hiring] on competence tests, because minorities [often don't do well on such tests.] Regardless of merit, if members of a “protected class” are selected at a rate less than four fifths (80%) of that of some other group [read “white males”], the employer is subject to being sued by the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for unfair employment practices.

[American] employers cannot legally refuse to hire convicted felons, because a disproportionate percentage of felons are black, so refusing to hire felons would have a “disparate impact.” Some Customer Service employees of major American companies speak in a manner virtually incomprehensible to whites, because if companies hired people who had more widely-understandable speaking styles, it would have a “disparate impact” on a "protected class."

This same "disparate impact" phrase turns up again in the mortgage loan business: The race-hustlers wailed to Congress that lenders only made home loans to people who had a good job, a good credit score and could come up with ten or 15% down-payment. To no one's surprise, these policies had a “disparate impact” on low-incom minorities.

To "fix" this, Congress--in its almost infinite idiocy--crafted and passed a law that forced banks to make home loans to anyone, regardless of their ability to repay.

One can be forgiven for wondering, "What the hell were they thinking?!" Forcing banks to make loans to people who couldn't afford them--what could go wrong? Just remember this is Congress we're talking about--the heart of corruption and moral/ethical bankruptcy in the U.S.

Thus was the sub-prime mortgage born, leading to the unraveling of the American banking industry--and arguably triggering the financial meltdown of the entire county.

I do realize that much of the blame in the mortage meltdown was due to the explosion of bizarre financial instruments, as well as the corrupt practices of the thieving Democratic appointees at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Nevertheless, I like Seiyo's style, and plan to read a lot more of Brussels Journal in the future.


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