Wednesday, July 28

New Leftist meme gearing up for the election?

A leftist U.K. rag published a piece on the leak (by Julian Assange's Wiki-leaks) of some 93,000 intel summaries. (Assange is currently in the UK.) Wretchard at Belmont summarizes:

"The Telegraph says [Assange] 'has been warned by inside sources in the White House not to return to the US as he could be arrested.'"

This has the smell--in every detail--of a budding lefty meme: Unverifiable sources "inside the White House" warning that he "could be arrested"?? Clearly the Obozo administration didn't mean *they* were thinking about ordering his arrest, because they've demonstrated ad nauseum that they don't care about leaks of secrets material, as long as said leaks damage the U.S.

So this sounds like the anti-American Julian A. setting up a straw-man. Then in a few days he will announce his intention to return to the U.S. *regardless of the warning given him by the Obama folks*, and regardless of the risk to his own freedom !

And the Left will go absolutely wild. "How incredibly brave!", they will gush. "To defy the threat of arrest by the eeevil forces of..." Ah, there's the rub: since he hasn't done anything to irritate the Obozo gang, who else would have the authority to arrest him?

Why, the Left would say, rogue elements of the CIA! Or the military! Or--the trifecta--the "military-industrial complex!", because his brave release of the leaked secrets threatens to bring an end to the war and thus to their profits.

Hey, makes perfect sense--if you're a leftist.


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